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Why Behavioral Science?

Put simply, this is the science of human decision-making. It is an interdisciplinary field that applies theories and techniques from economics, psychology and a range of the social sciences to understand the conscious and non-conscious drivers of behavior.

System 1

The vast majority of human decision-making is driven by our System 1 brain (sometimes called “irrational”, but better described as fast, non-conscious, intuitive, automatic).

System 2

Yet the vast majority of market research conducted today still assumes that our decision-making is conscious, considered, rational and designed to optimize our outcomes and reduce risk (System 2). But of course, we all know intuitively that this is not the case.

The Gap

This is a major disconnect that at best will result in limited insight, and at worst leads to erroneous business decisions or ineffective marketing campaigns.


If we can understand and predict in consistent ways the unconscious, automatic decision-making approach, we can create marketing strategies that have far greater impact on the people they are targeted towards.

The Beesy Difference

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