The BEESY Story

BEESY founder, Elys Roberts was enjoying life leading a team of 600 consumer insights, social media, and brand consulting experts across a multitude of industry sectors for a large, multi-national agency, spending time with his wife and two young kids, and playing in local soccer leagues.

Then, in 2015, a colleague introduced him to the discipline of behavioral science, and he was immediately captivated by the promise it held. Consequently, he hired two b-science professors to establish a Behavioral Science Center of Excellence at the agency. Elys soon came to believe that behavioral science will create a true inflection point by advancing our understanding of human decision-making, which then should reshape all consumer insights and marketing functions.

Elys also secretly feared that one day, he would be retired, sitting on his rocking-chair, and look back on life with the regret of never taking the opportunity to truly impact his clients’ businesses and the whole of the consumer insights industry in a meaningful way. These two things propelled Elys forward to establish BEESY, fusing academic behavioral science expertise with insights acumen and commercial application to bring the science of decision-making to an industry where the primary goal is to understand decision-making.

And he was fortunate enough to find several like-minded professionals who are just not satisfied with the status quo, share the same sense of purpose, and are incredibly passionate about effectively applying behavioral science to help advance our clients’ businesses. And so BEESY was formed.

We are excited to share our passion and knowledge with you, and believe we can help you make a difference!


BEESY supports Oxfam’s efforts to tackle the root causes of poverty and create lasting solutions.

Oxfam is a global organization working to end the injustice of poverty. They help people build better futures for themselves, hold the powerful accountable, and save lives in disasters. They provide aid to countries recovering from disasters, support refugees fleeing from violence, and offer hope to communities as they rebuild.

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