The BEESY Difference

What is Behavioral Science?

Behavioral science is the study of human behavior and decision-making. Decision-making is more often non-conscious than conscious, but consumer and healthcare companies alike, have traditionally only marketed to the conscious part of the brain. We believe behavioral science is the missing link for marketers to have a measurable impact on behavior with their strategies.

Let's market to people the way they actually decide

The Enthusiasm-Satisfaction Gap

Many clients we speak to are excited about the potential that behavioral science has to elevate their level of insights. Unfortunately, they are not always satisfied with their experiences. When this is the case, the agency or institution they worked with tends to be one of the following:

B-Sci ‘Retrofit’

Some agencies may not have true behavioral science expertise, but say “we’ve been doing this for years, we just never called it behavioral science before.”

Academically Inclined

Some agencies or institutions may lack the commercial/practical mindset and projects tend to be long, expensive, and not very applied.

B-Sci ‘Lite’

Some agencies know the basics by reading some good books on the topic, but do not have true behavioral science expertise and also lack the academic horsepower.

Clients are searching for a partner who is an expert in the application of B-Sci to real business issues – an agency that delivers by combining deep academic expertise with consumer and commercial understanding.

The BEESY Difference

We are here to address this ‘satisfaction gap’! It’s time to bring the science of human decision-making to the forefront in consumer insights and marketing. We believe that like any science – especially one as complex as understanding the human brain and decision-making processes – behavioral science requires experts. We are the first multi-functional team of behavioral scientists, consumer insights and marketing strategy experts. We are laser-focused on harnessing the best of the science to drive improved business performance for you.

Unlocking B-Sci Expertise

We see a dramatic imbalance in expertise. There is an incredible amount of relevant behavioral science expertise in academic institutions and a major need for it to be applied on the commercial side. Just like every population can be segmented, it’s no different for behavioral scientists.

BEESY breaks down the wall between academia and industry, selecting our academic team-members on the basis of relevant expertise, aptitude and interest in solving business issues, and real world marketing acumen. Collectively, they provide an unrivalled source of expertise for our clients, working as an integral member of our project team addressing your important business issues.


Our portfolio of tools brings the science of human decision-making to the forefront of customer and patient/physician insights and marketing. We help both our consumer and pharma industry clients gain a competitive advantage by integrating behavioral science into all our research. Past success in the Pharma and Consumer Industries has shaped our strategy – we know what works and how to position our clients for the future in a rapidly changing world.


BEESY supports Oxfam’s efforts to tackle the root causes of poverty and create lasting solutions.

Oxfam is a global organization working to end the injustice of poverty. They help people build better futures for themselves, hold the powerful accountable, and save lives in disasters. They provide aid to countries recovering from disasters, support refugees fleeing from violence, and offer hope to communities as they rebuild.

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