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Premiumization is the science of motivating consumers to pay more for brands, products, and services. Brands in mature, competitive markets need to premiumize to achieve growth.

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BEESY helps you go beyond functional features and product benefits and identify which of the 5 Premiumization Pathways will raise Consumer Perceived Value (CPV) for your brand.

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“The key is identifying the psychological drivers

“Customers happily pay a premium price for the brand that is perceived to be functionally superior, offers a positive experience, and aligns well with their social values. The key to premiumization is identifying the conscious and non-conscious psychological drivers of these functional, experiential, and social evaluations.”

Manoj Thomas,
Cornell Professor of Management

“A strategic

“Premiumization is a strategic imperative for FMCG companies. It helps to drive long-term sustainable growth.”

Global Insights Leader,

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