Our 3 Top Take Aways from IIeX Behavior

1. Behavioral Science Needs to be More Familiar

Behavioral Science is currently the elephant in the room. People have a vague, and sometimes a wrong idea of what true Behavioral Science is.  Unfamiliarity is the barrier of behavioral science adoption. As an industry, we need to practice what we preach, and make our science more familiar and similar to what is currently done to increase widespread adoption.

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2. Clean Research = Clean Outcomes

We are currently living amongst an era of “clean”.  Clean food, clean products, and removing unnecessary ingredients, fillers, preservatives. Now, more than ever, we should be applying these “clean” principles to our research. Just ask yourself how do we like taking 30 min surveys or answering batteries of Likert scales.  We need to cut the fluff and get focused with our research objectives.  Remove unnecessary complexity.

3.  Behavioral Science is the Science of our Industry.

Behavioral science is the science of decision-making. #1 goal of consumer insights is to understand decision-making and #1 role of marketing is to impact decision-making.

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Jason Martuscello

Jason Martuscello

Jason lives and breathes behavior change. His personal transformation losing over 100 lbs drives his curiosity to source the latest science to deliver cutting edge solutions. His work cuts through the jargon, to provide unique insight, and applied solutions to today's most pressing business problems. Jason holds an MSc and an MBA.

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