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Our healthcare solutions incorporate behavioral science to better understand how patients and physicians make treatment decisions. Click on a category below to see how we can help you make a difference.

Beesy Case Studies



Multinational biopharma company approached BEESY to help with their extended release product in a key mental health category, which was not performing to expectations. Via a qual and quant approach, BEESY explored a range of opportunities, barriers and points of friction across the journey. We determined that one of the key messages related to the broad range of dosing options, which was supposed to communicate choice and flexibility, was actually a prescribing deterrent as it was perceived as an extra complexity (we say we like options and choices, but in reality, it typically inhibits decision-making). The messaging strategy was revised as a result.

  • Understand the path-to-prescription
  • Identify key friction points in the patient journey
  • Highlight the non-conscious decisions along the path that drive majority of behavior
  • Develop strategies & interventions to impact the journey in order to channel stakeholders towards the desired behavior

“This was by far the best commercial presentation on product X that I have seen in my 3 years with the company.”

– Medical Director,
Major Biopharma Company



Small, dynamic biotech company commissioned BEESY to help optimize their new diabetes product launch. BEESY behaviorally assessed all aspects of their customer experience journey and marketing strategy, identifying breakthrough insights that led to the entire go-to-market strategy being refined.

  • Map customer experience across multiple stakeholders
  • Nudge physician and patient behavior
  • Eliminate barriers and friction to create a simple, more frictionless experience
  • Impact stakeholder decisions at key inflexion points in the journey
  • Identify non-conscious drivers that impact perception of treatment process

“Very positive experience. The ease of working and quality of output and delivery was extremely high.”

– Executive Director, Marketing,
Biotech Company



While our client’s recently launched innovative biologic was performing well, senior management felt that there was more opportunity available. Through a comprehensive qualitative and analytics assessment, one of BEESY’s breakthrough insights was that even when physicians recommended the client’s product, it resulted in a prescription less than 50% of the time. This was the result of a range of biases and heuristic decision-making inherent in this category, by both patients and physicians. As a result of our findings, BEESY is now working with the client to test a range of behavioral interventions to determine what will have the biggest impact.

  • Understand underlying drivers of behavior e.g. physician prescribing, patient acceptance, etc.
  • Drive urgency to prescribe
  • Map comprehensive drivers to prioritize behavioral change initiatives
  • Develop specific targeted interventions to address patient adherence

“I would absolutely recommend – and have already done so!”

– Director, Customer Insights & Market Access, Top 20 Pharma Company



After several years in the market, our client’s multiple sclerosis brand was losing market share and getting relegated to 3rd line based on safety concerns. Through deep qualitative behavioral research, we identified entirely new insights as to why this was, and how we could leverage key behavioral science based strategies to address. We also formulated a positioning/messaging approach to get the brand back to 2nd line.

  • Reinvigorate established product via messaging and repositioning
  • Develop messaging that resonates with consumers on a non-conscious level rather than overwhelms them

“Great insights. All the country leadership team seems on board. I am sure your research will help us differentiate our treatments. We appreciate your great work!”

– Country Manager,
Top 15 Pharma Company