Former Ipsos Senior Executive Launches BEESY, a New Type of Behavioral Science Agency

BEESY sets out to harness the science of decision-making to drive stronger commercial performance.

(New York, NY, May 15, 2018)

Elys Roberts, previously U.S. CEO of Ipsos Marketing Practices, today launches BEESY. The company brings together the first multi-functional team of behavioral scientists, consumer insights and marketing strategy experts. The launch follows a successful angel investor funding round, comprising of a number of data science/insights entrepreneurs. BEESY will help companies in diverse sectors, such as Consumer Package Goods, Financial Services and Biopharma/Healthcare, to develop a deeper and truer understanding of consumer decision-making to guide more impactful marketing interventions.

Roberts believes that behavioral science has the potential to transform consumer insights, but to date has been underutilized or applied only superficially. “Decisions drive behavior. The primary goal of consumer insights is to understand decision-making, and marketing to impact decision-making. Doesn’t it just make sense to bring the science of human decision-making to these disciplines? I launched BEESY because I believe we can truly make a difference for companies and for consumer insights overall.”

He adds: “There is an incredible amount of behavioral science expertise locked-up in academia and a huge need for that expertise here in industry. With our extensive network of the best applied, practical behavioral scientists, BEESY will bridge the two, effectively harnessing the power of behavioral science to drive better commercial outcomes.”

The new firm will help companies improve brand performance through addressing major opportunity areas, such as innovation/new product development, e-commerce, online social influence, path-to-purchase, customer experience and reinvigorating stalled brands. Sabrina Lakhani, Behavioral Science Strategist at BEESY adds, “Every innovation or in-market product faces behavioral barriers to optimal performance. Through deep understanding of conscious and non-conscious decision-making, we’re able to identify and overcome these barriers, becoming both a catalyst and accelerant for our clients’ brands.”

Roberts brings a 20-year history of impact in a range of sectors, including CPG, financial services, automotive and healthcare. His experience spans client- and agency-side, sales & marketing, consumer insights and behavioral science. He held roles in marketing, research, training and sales management on Eli Lilly’s leadership development program, and positions up to CEO-level in several pioneer agency start-ups.

Contact: Tevya Harley (908) 376-9779 [email protected]

About BEESY: BEESY is an insights-based professional services agency, purpose-built to leverage deep applied behavioral science expertise from academia, and best-in-industry marketing insight to deliver greater commercial impact.

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Picture of Elys Roberts

Elys Roberts

Elys is the founder of BEESY and a self-described behavioral science "amateur enthusiast." Luckily, he knows what he doesn't know and therefore hangs out with a lot of the experts.

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