Top 2 Take-Aways from IIeX

This past week we presented, “Behavioral Economics, What’s Next?” at IIeX in Atlanta.  IIeX is a yearly conference connecting the most innovative ideas, agencies and clients in the market research industry. Somewhere in between the dozen 1:1 client meetings, we managed to check out some other sessions on what’s new and innovative in the industry.  […]

How Touchscreens Change Consumer Choices (and can bias mobile research results)

Touch screens are rapidly becoming the primary source of computer interaction. What role do touch interfaces play in consumer decision-making and behavior? Interface psychology and sensory marketing research show touchscreen interfaces have systematic effects on consumer choices and information processing. We will highlight the implications for improving consumer and respondent experience design. Touchscreens trigger psychological […]

Watch Out for these 16 Mistakes with Measuring Behavior (and How to Fix Them)

The purpose of this list is to highlight common assumptions or limitations with different methodological approaches to measuring behavior. If you have others please comment and I will add them to the list… 1. THERE IS NO ‘BEST’ MODEL OR MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUE. There is no gold standard theory or magic bullet method for understanding or […]

How to Measure & Manage Emotional Brand Experiences

Originally Published with the Insights Association The theoretical underpinnings of emotion have changed. New and exciting neuroscientific evidence show emotions are not reactions to world but are concepts that are learned and shaped through past experience, culture, and contexts (Barrett, 2017). In PART I we discussed the new science and in PART II we will show you how to apply […]

13 Strategies Apple Uses to Get Customers to Upgrade iPhones

How does Apple get customers to shell out $999 to upgrade iPhones when their current phones work just fine?  By creating irresistible desire, anticipation and overcoming satiation.  We will breakdown Apple’s key psychological strategies and tactics to help marketers build more buzz behind their product launches. 1. Create irresistible desire. A phone may be considered […]