5 Behavioral Science Tactics used to Prepare for the NYC Marathon

When I signed up for the NYC marathon, I didn’t just sign up to finish but to see what I was capable of. I set a goal to run my first marathon in under 3 hours, something less than .02% of NYC marathon runners accomplish this (2018: 1,203 out of 52,813). This is my first marathon, […]

How do you know if you are Applying Behavioral Science? Here are the 3 Ways

The entry barriers into behavioral science are about as high as getting into my fridge for a late night snack. With the success of behavioral science helping business improve marketing’s bottom line it is no shock to see everyone looking to incorporate it. However, many are still confused to really what actually is behavioral science? […]

Our 3 Top Take Aways from IIeX Behavior

1. Behavioral Science Needs to be More Familiar Behavioral Science is currently the elephant in the room. People have a vague, and sometimes a wrong idea of what true Behavioral Science is.  Unfamiliarity is the barrier of behavioral science adoption. As an industry, we need to practice what we preach, and make our science more […]